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Originally Published: Oct 29, 2015

Making Fitness a Priority in YOUR Life!

by Nina Szemis

Here at acac, we encourage you to Live Your Best. Exercise helps you avoid injury and illness, sleep better, combat stress in positive ways, and maintain a healthy weight, as well as many other benefits. But how are we making fitness a priority in our busy lives? Whether it’s late nights at the office, sick children, or a busy social calendar, life is constantly throwing us obstacles. Try these five strategies to help keep your workouts on track, regardless of whatever comes up!

1. Be realistic

Don’t push yourself too hard, too fast! In setting unrealistic goals, you risk feeling guilty if you cannot meet them. Telling yourself that you are going to be at the club at 5:00am every morning or jumping straight into marathon training with a limited timeline can backfire for many people. Set goals that leave room for you to exceed them, while still holding you accountable. 

2. Schedule it

Treat your workouts like you would any other commitment, work or personal. Don’t schedule other things during that time. This commitment makes it harder for you to procrastinate or skip workouts. Plus, by planning to be at the gym at a specific time, you can look forward to it! Having trouble holding yourself accountable? Try working with one of our personal trainers! Knowing that an acac team member is waiting for you at the club could be that extra push you need. Our personal training team offers a wide range of specialties, and you’re sure to find someone who can help you meet your fitness goals. 

3. Make it fun

Tired of running on the treadmill? Don’t like lifting weights? You’re less likely to make time for a workout you don’t enjoy. Switch up your cardio routine by trying a cycle class, or feed off the competitive energy in a conditioning class. We offer a wide variety of group exercise classes, so you’re sure to find something that will keep you coming back for more! 

4. Get everyone involved

Often we feel guilty for taking time away from our friends and family to go to the gym. Instead of a sedentary activity, try working out together! We have many classes that children ages 10-12 can attend with a parent. Have younger children? There are youth classes for kids as young as 8 years old! Swap your weekly coffee date for partner training with an acac personal trainer. Having a friend there makes the workouts more fun and saves you money!

5. Track your progress and reward yourself

Set benchmarks for your fitness goals and plan for success! By using positive reinforcement, you’ll start seeing your workouts in a new light. Think outside the box for your goals and your rewards! Rather than focusing solely on weight, look at consistency and achievements. Make sure your rewards don’t undermine your overall fitness goals. Avoid using food or drink as rewards. For example, replace “I went to the gym today so I can have that dessert” with “After I attend 10 yoga classes this month, I will buy myself that new workout top.”

Learn more about personal training, group exercise and other fitness opportunities at your local club.