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Originally Published: Mar 01, 2018

Medical experts recommend taking 10,000 steps each day. This is a lofty goal for many people. Read these tips from acac p.r.e.p. Medical Director Dr. Gregory Degnan and learn some easy ways to increase your steps and incorporate more movement into your routine.

  1. Park further away. You will gain between as much as 80 steps for every extra minute it takes you to get from the car to the door.
  2. Take the stairs when it is one or two flights up or three flights down. Each flight of stairs is worth around 40 steps.
  3. Use part of your lunch break to walk. It will get you steps, make you eat less, and help your digestion.
  4. Walk down every aisle at the food store even if you don’t need to.
  5. Walk your dog instead of letting them out. 15 minutes will gain you 1,000 steps and they will love you for it!
  6. Plug in the headphones and walk during your phone calls. Again, a 15 minute call can get you 1,000 steps or more. 

Download Dr. Degnan’s walking tips to help you reach your walking goals!