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New to Yoga, Barre, or Pilates classes?

We’ve rounded up some frequently asked questions about West Chester’s Mind-Body Studio to get you started. But first, a message from instructor Brian C.

Where is the Mind-Body studio located?

There is an entrance to the Mind Body suite across from the men’s locker room. Within the suite is the Barre StudioYoga StudioPilates Reformer Studio, a private bathroom, and mind-body lounge with benches and storage.

Do I need to pay to attend classes in the Mind-Body suite?

Everything on the Group Exercise Schedule is included in the price of your membership. For those looking to try Pilates Reformer, this is an additional fee and can be booked through our Personal Training department.

How do I sort for Mind-Body (Yoga, Pilates, & Barre) classes on the Group Exercise Schedule page?

View the Group Exercise online schedule on desktop or mobile and use the sort “By Class Type” filter. Choose “Mind-Body.”

What temperature are classes?

The majority of our Mind Body classes are practiced in a warm environment with temperatures ranging from 70 – 85 degrees. Power Yoga is the exception; this class is practiced at 95 degrees.

I’m ready to try my first class – what should I take?

If you are fairly active already, Vinyasa I or Hatha II are both great places to start. Vinyasa style yoga is more fluid and focuses on breathing while flowing through poses. Hatha focuses more on alignment within individual poses. 

If you are new to exercise or recovering from an injury, we suggest Hatha I or Yoga Essentials. Hatha I is a gentler version of Hatha II and Yoga Essentials focuses on the foundations of yoga postures and correct body alignment.

For those that are looking to try Pilates, both Pilates and Pilates Barre will help strengthen and tone your whole body, with a particular focus on the core. If you are a beginner, be sure to tell the instructor and they will be happy to show you how to modify any pose. 

What should I wear to class?

Men should wear shorts or pants and a short sleeve shirt and women should wear yoga pants or capris and a top. Both yoga and Pilates are practiced barefoot. The studio temperatures vary but are generally fairly warm. We recommend layering a long sleeve shirt over a tank top so that you can adjust as class progresses.

What should I expect?

All of our classes are expertly guided to give you a moderate workout that benefits both mind and body. Expect to leave class feeling relaxed and invigorated!

Can I bring my child to class with me?

Children ages 9 through 12 are welcome in any class as long as they are accompanied by a parent. We recommend Hatha I or Yoga Essentials to start.