Midlothian Alert

We will be re-finishing some of the hardwood floors in the club and the following spaces will close:

Basketball Court: Aug. 24 at 9am

Studio A: Aug. 24 at 11am

Studio B: Aug. 24 at 11:45am

All will re-open on Sunday, August 27 at 7am.


Youth Tennis

Our mission is to create a positive, caring and dynamic environment that mindfully focuses on the physical, emotional and mental growth of junior tennis players.

Session dates

Session 1 | June 19 – July 30
Session 2 | July 31 – August 10 

Session pricing

Developmental GRIPS Junior Tennis Program

The GRIPS Program is based on our core belief that players must develop and master a comprehensive skills set progression from the first time they pick up a racquet. We do this by:

  1. Captivating the players attention (i.e. they have to have fun)
  2. Motivating the player to get to the next level (i.e. they have to be challenged)
  3. Rewarding the player for achievements (i.e. keeping players invested in the game so they stick around longer)

Fun, Challenging, and Rewarding—it sounds so simple, but as you probably know, it can be tricky—and that is why we know you will love GRIPS! Here are 11 levels that challenge players!

Junior GRIPS Levels

White Players explore physical literacy: agility, balance and coordination

Gold Players improve agility, balance and coordination while demonstrating gross motor skills

Orange Players develop kicking, catching, and throwing skills. Curriculum emphasizes sending and receiving with an improved mastery over racquet control

Players are ready for the 36’ court

Blue Players will focus on both left brain and right brain skills. They can hit groundstrokes over the net and can control self-bump rallies.

Dark Blue Players demonstrate higher level footwork (stopping, starting), agility and tracking skills. Players control groundstrokes, underhand serves, volleys, overheads and consistent self-bump rallies.

Green Players show competency with overhand throws, underhand tosses, kicking and catching and self-bump rallies. Players demonstrates control with forehands and backhands, volleys and overhand serves.

Players are ready for the 60’ court

Dark Green Players master kicking, catching and throwing on both sides of the body. Players can rally, hit on-the-run forehands and backhands and control underhand serves into the service boxes.

Red Players excel at ball-tracking, kicking, catching and throwing while showing consistency in serving and returning. Control and direction demonstrated ins forehand and backhand rallying.

GRIPS Class Schedule

4 & Under

6 & Under

8 & Under

10 & Under

. . .

High Performance Training Program

Seeking serious-minded junior players who are competitive and goal oriented. Our coaches create an environment with competitive player development at the forefront. Certified acac athletic trainers work off-court with players in strength and conditioning. The goal of this program is to lead juniors down the pathway of becoming Sectionally and Nationally ranked, playing high school and ultimately entering into collegiate tennis.

Purple Players master more complex throwing, catching, footwork and rallying skills. Spins and more technical shots are required.

Grey Players are competent with explosive first-steps, controlled stopping, rallying skills with direction and depth, volleys, serves and drop-shots.

Black Players can produce angles, control depth and demonstrate patterns with groundstrokes. Serves are reliable to both halves of the service box. Players have demonstrated a complete skill set.

HP Yellow Ball 

HP Yellow Ball & Junior Tennis ex-fit

HP Green Ball 

HP Green Ball & Junior Tennis ex-fit 

HP Orange Ball 

Developmental Green Ball 


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Lesson rates

Lessons may be scheduled by calling 804-464-0980. There is a 24 hour cancellation policy.