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More than just a pastime


The benefits of racquet sports are both physical and mental. At acac Charlottesville, we have a variety of racquet sports to peak your interest and benefit your body.

Our tennis courts are located at our Adventure Central campus along with our Waterpark and camp facilities. We have 7 outdoor clay courts available for play, weather dependent, March – December. A ball machine is also available.

Our racquetball and squash courts are located at our Downtown facility. We have two singles courts with maple floors for each sport. Protective eyewear, non-marking court shoes, and appropriate attire are required.

We also offer Pickleball and Badminton on the basketball courts at our Albemarle Square facility.

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unrivaled benefits

The acac difference

Being a part of one or more of our racquet sports communities also means having access to amenities at all acac clubs including Albemarle Square, Downtown, Crozet, Pantops and the acac Waterpark. You can strength train in one of our fitness centers, decompress with a mind body class, splash in the pool or grab a bite to eat at our cafe after your match.

Member Benefits

Enjoy a casual or competitive game to get the heart pumping.

There are many reasons why people initially make the decision to get started with acac, and in my case, it was recommended that I begin with acac’s p.r.e.p. program, because I was experiencing near-continuous right knee pain due in large measure to the 258 pounds that I carried on my 5’10” inch frame. While I was just halfway through the program, I was feeling the healthy benefits of the significant weight loss, and was inspired to sign on for a full year’s membership with acac. By then, I had discovered how much I enjoyed the social aspects of an acac membership, found the staff friendly, supportive and personally inspiring, and discovered how much I enjoyed swimming, challenging myself to swim more laps every time I entered the pool. However, for me, it goes way beyond that, and cannot be adequately put into words. For various reasons, I am a person who was less than successful in his professional career, and who has struggled with self confidence and self esteem issues all of my life. Now fully retired, I realized something of a personal renaissance in the wake of both of my parents’ passing, but it was and continues to be my involvement with acac that has enabled me to enrich and enlarge my life, and those of others in my social circle, in incalculable ways. I cannot fully explain what is happening here, but in many ways, I’m just getting started, and I expect that my participation in the many resources available through acac will guide and fuel me on this journey.”


Year member

J. Scott

ACAC Charlottesville


Get in the game

All of acac‘s tennis pros are USPTA-certified and offer private instruction, group lessons and clinics for youth and adults. Team and tournaments create a community of members and offer opportunities for friendly competition.

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Squash & Racquetball

Get out and play

Squash and Racquetball combine strategy, athleticism … and fun! Both are great workouts that can be played year-round. Courts are available Downtown for practice or one-on-one play. No court reservation required!

Tournament and league play has been suspended at this time due to COVID-19.


Raise your paddle

Originating on the west coast in 1965, pickleball is a relatively new sport. It combines elements of badminton, tennis, and table tennis and is great for all ages and abilities.

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